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Icon progress

I do feel I've been given a lot to think about, so I took another peek at icon_tutorial and found a good tutorial for lighting effects. I just want to try them again and see how well I'd do if I knew what I was doing... I realized I should do what I always do and post all kinds of icons... the bases, the text bases, and now, the non-light effect bases since different graphic watchers like different things and now I can satify anyone, like I do with animated ones or simple text ones.

I found a base on my computer of Megan Mullally in the red M&M outfit from the M&M's commercial, I wanted to do one of her saying, "Red... you go to my head!" with this new tutorial (which I memoried in here and in my main LJ under "Icon tutorial"). I wanted to see if I could do it, and when I did I'd get more M&M pics and go on and make an animated one with "Yellow...so sunny and mellow" "Green... you chocolate beauty queen" (still debating whether or not to add the orange M&M saying "I still get paid, right?") before I added the text, it looked ugly compared to the original base. When I tried to add a text layer, it went into the middle of the icon instead of the bottom.

But I won't let this get me down like I did last time. I will try again, making my own gradients/getting them from colortone (who might be my new friend since she likes Viewtiful Joe and a lot of things I like)/a website/etc, adding text myself, and trying IrFanView (I used Paint Shop Pro 5) or the 30-day trial of PhotoShop (at last resort) and will make a whole bunch of icons - animated effect ones, animated normal ones, normal bases, effect bases, and all the frames, etc. If I do succeed in this kind, perhaps I will specialize in this kind, but will continue to do the simple ones (some actually use my bases for their icons) and just do all the ones I used to make it (crediting the tutorial and gradient providers), but I'm still debating whether or not to enter icontests, and I don't think on my own (unless it is requested) I will do any weird Will & Grace icons with things like spaceships in the background and Karen saying "All your base are belong to us", that sounds stupid right now. But that doesn't mean I won't do anime ones like Kish from Tokyo Mew Mew in the same scene!

I'm at school now, I'll try IrFanView when I get home and show you the result! And if I don't like it, I'll just do a normal M&M one with the text slapped on it, maybe/maybe not adding the orange M&M.

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