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This is donkeykongsong's graphics community. Join and I will give a shout-out to you on this page if you are a worthy fan.


Comment before taking anything. No credit is required for taking colorbars as long as you don't mess with the code, but it is still appreciated. You must credit me for icons, preferrably in the comment section when you use one.

And please, if you come from someone else's user info, notify me of who. It's nice to know who recruits my fans.

Some more of my policy

berryshuffle (mingyi's graphics journal) - Ming Yi is one of if not the greatest icon maker I've ever seen. I will never be as good as her. She always seems to make sure that her icons are liked in some way. I kind of look up to her. She has won very many awards and I am very proud of her. She's inspired me to make some icons as well. I feel very lucky to have this girl as an affiliate. Thanks, Ming Yi!

ninjask (clarissa) - Yay! She has a graphics journal now! She's one of my biggest inspirations too!

pixel__perfect (3vil_chick_lol's graphics journal) - Yay! We're finally affiliates! I should have asked earlier, don't know why I didn't... XD Either way, I'm honored.

rubianca_icons (amelia_124's graphics journal) - Yes, my student and I are affiliates! I had been awaiting her hiatus return for this moment!

samgraphics (minykgirl's graphics journal) - Yep, she's doing graphics now as well! She made me a Transformers Cybertron colorbar and I must honestly say I could not have done any better myself. I feel honored to be an affiliate with her, she's so amazing! This is wishful thinking, but I hope her graphics become as popular as mine, and she gets as many fans as I do, if not more. She says since not many people know it probably won't happen, but there's still a chance! Thanks, Samantha! I love you!

strawberryicon0 (mint_chan's graphics journal) - This is my fourth time affiliating with this girl, but it is well deserved and appreciated. She's even better at making icons than I am, especially if you don't like the simple stuff. We have been sharing compliments on each others' stuff lately though. Thanks, Kumiko! I love you!

synthesisicons (fearmirichan's graphics journal) - Miri-chan is one of my greatest friends ever! She supports nearly everything I do, and no matter how crazy I get she never calls me a nerd. When we first met, I didn't even think we would become friends, and boy was I wrong. She's one of the greatest friends I ever had and I can't imagine ever not meeting her. She makes some cool icons as well. Thanks, Miri-chan! I love you!

tmm_stillness (mint_chan's Tokyo Mew Mew icontest) - Kumiko's icontest, for still TMM icons. And she was nice enough to let me make banners! I love you Kumiko!

(Ask if you wish to affiliate, but I only affiliate with graphics journals and communities)

You may also use the Memories section to jump straight to a particular fandom.

Credit goes to gurlondrums, amelia_124, and 3vil_chick_lol for the inspiration. Also, check out their really cool graphics at their graphic communities, in respective order gurlondrums_inc, rubianca_icons, and pixel__perfect.

Credit goes to zero2karen and amelia_124 for the idea of the name.

Credit goes to angelhope99 for coining the phrase "graphics fangirl"


3vil_chick_lol (Vicky) - This girl is awesome. She inspired me to make this community. Her exact words were "You get to post your stuff... and stuff" XD And it's true. She's a really good graphics maker, maybe even as good as if not better than me. I could learn a thing or two from her. And, we have like almost everything in common and she likes a good number of my main graphic fandoms. Thanks, Vicky! I love you!

amelia_124 (Rubianca) - One of my biggest graphic inspirations, Rubianca is awesome. She said I inspired her to make graphics, therefore I am like her "graphics sensei". She thought of the name "Matty the Great", and she's always been supporting me ever since we became friends. I feel so lucky I met her I don't know what I'd do without her. Thanks Ruby, I love you!

angelhope99 (Angel) - This girl has been supporting my graphics nearly from the very beginning. I think of her when I do Yu-Gi-Oh! graphics and do some special ones to honor her. She's one of my biggest graphics fangirls and loves my graphics as well. Without her, I wouldn't be the great graphics maker I am. Thanks Angel! I love you!

beau99 (Beau) - I knew this guy from the former site http://www.tvtome.com , I didn't know he was one of my graphic fans, but I guess he is.

brw_007 (Brandon) - I just met this guy, but he seems pretty cool now. He seems to like a good number of my fandoms too.

corkaremonflora (Corina) - One of my biggest supporters, she loves my graphics. She filled her entire icon storage up with mine! I feel lucky to have her as a fan as well! Thanks Corina! Love you!

demon_x_slayer (Cat) - My newest fan (as of August 27, 2005), she seems to love my graphics a lot, and she said something really sweet about them. We've only known each other a few hours and she's already one of the best friends I ever had. Thanks! Love ya!

gatochick14 (Gato) - A very special girl, she's a big fan of my graphics, she even requested quite a bit, and right when I needed the requests. She also agreed to do scannalations if I ever needed any. Thanks Gato! Love ya!

insaneladybug - She's a very honest fan of mine. Not only does she like basically all of my main graphic fandoms other than Will & Grace and Xiaolin Showdown, she points out flaws in my graphics without being rude, before they make it to the community. You could say she's like my graphics editor! XD Thanks Ladybug! Love ya!

sleepingsun (Pixie) - This girl is amazing. She loved the Fullmetal Alchemist and Inuyasha icons, and she said she'd use some of the FMA ones as bases. I think for her, I will continue to do FMA and Inuyasha graphics. Thanks Pixie! Love ya!

lady_duchess (Liz) - Don't know her well but she seems nice, and likes a lot of my graphic fandoms.

lankyanimelass (Laura) - Quite possibly my biggest graphics fangirl. She seems to love every graphic I do regardless of the fandom, she said I was the first person she ever inspired, and she hugs me whenever I do a good one, which just makes my day. I feel extremely lucky to have her as a fan. Thanks, Laura! Love ya!

clarissa (Catherine) - Another amazing girl. She likes a good number of my fandoms, and she always has something nice to say about me or my graphics. But the amazing thing is we've only known each other for like one or two weeks (as of August 21, 2005) and she's already considerably one of the best friends I've ever had. I knew we'd get along very well from the moment I found her LJ. Thanks for all yor support, Catherine! Love ya!

maria_boo - No clue who this is.

mint_chan (Kumiko) - A one-of-a-kind girl! This girl always very cheerful, and she loves my jokes and my hugs and kisses! And now I see she loves my graphics! She used some of them in her community infos, which made me feel loved... I don't know what I did to deserve a friend like this, but whatever it was, I'm glad I did it. Thanks, Kumiko! I love you!

minykgirl (Samantha) - This girl is also amazing. She accepts and appreciates my love, and she likes a good number of my fandoms. She's a pleasure to have around - she doesn't mind the crazy things I do when I get hyper. I love you!

mousse4me (Liz) - One of my newest friends (as of September 26, 2005) and one of my newest fans. She said Mew Mew is her greatest obsession and I helped her fuel it, and then she asked for some colorbars and she said I was awesome and I kicked butt, and honored me on her LJ. I feel lucky to know this girl - after a few days we're already great friends! Thanks, Liz! I love you!

pinkauthoress27 - She's one of my fans, she used one of my Inuyasha icons, and she said that my Inuyasha and Fullmetal Alchemist icons made her day. That just made me feel so loved. Love ya!

raimuchan (Lime-chan) - She's a kind-of new friend of mine (as of October 5, 2005) but she's cool. She seems to love my Mew Mew colorbars, and now she's here to support me. Thanks Lime-chan! I love you!

sailormewmew (Heather) - One of my newest friends and one of my newest fans (as of November 7, 2005), this girl is one of if not the most amazing girl I have ever met. She likes a good number of my graphic fandoms and has been a big inspiration and encouragement to me and is a very important part of my life despite the fact that we've only known each other less than a week. I don't know what I would do without her, but we're there for each other. Thanks, Heather-chan!

violettomoyo (Rita) - I just met her, she's from Portugal and she likes Doremi. She made a good colorbar herself, and she seems to like mine. We've only known each other a few days, but I can tell we'll be great friends :)

zero2karen (Sarah) - This girl is amazing. Will & Grace is the only one of my main graphic fandoms that she likes, yet she's probably my biggest graphics fangirl. She said she would support me in anything like this I did, and she's said things to me that turned out to be the absolute truth. I feel lucky to have a fan like her. Love you, Sarah!


- Will & Grace colorbars of Guapo and Klaus von Puppy
- Countless Yu-Gi-Oh! colorbar redos
- Azumanga Daioh colorbars of every character individualy and all the main girls
- Countless Doremi icons
- A recent Will & Grace cast icon
- A Will & Grace icon of the Matt Damon episode
- Jackie Chan Adventures colorbar
- One Piece colorbar
- More to come
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